We are adapting to the safety needs of our patients and staff during the ongoing pandemic and have implemented new levels of screening into our office routines. Advice nurses and appointment schedulers will ask additional questions to help identify anyone who might be contagious with COVID-19 and determine how best to meet their needs.

In some instances a patient may need referral elsewhere for evaluation. Patients and family members who are directed up to the office will need to wear masks, except for children less than two years of age. At the building entrance visitors will be asked a set of additional questions and may have their temperatures checked.

Patients who are coming for scheduled well visits and follow-ups will check in through the front office entrance. Signs are posted directing patients coming for sick visits to the back office entrance. All patients will be moved into exam rooms as quickly as possible.

We will continue to make every effort to maintain an office environment that allows us to provide care to our patients without undue risk of exposure to the coronavirus. Your understanding and assistance is greatly appreciated during this challenging time.