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We are adapting to the safety needs of our patients and staff during the ongoing pandemic and have implemented new levels of screening into our office routines. Advice nurses and appointment schedulers will ask additional questions to help identify anyone who might be contagious with COVID-19 and determine how best to meet their needs.

In some instances a patient may need referral elsewhere for evaluation. In other cases we may recommend meeting outside and seeing a patient in their vehicle for assessment. Patients and family members who are directed up to the office will need to wear masks, except for children less than one year of age. At the building entrance visitors will be asked a set of additional questions and will have their temperatures checked.

Patients who are coming for scheduled well visits and follow-ups will check in through the front office entrance. Signs are posted directing patients coming for sick visits to the back office entrance. All patients will be moved into exam rooms as quickly as possible.

We will continue to make every effort to maintain an office environment that allows us to provide care to our patients without undue risk of exposure to the coronavirus. Your understanding and assistance is greatly appreciated during this challenging time.


We are striving to maintain the best and safest policies for communicating with our families and providing care for our patients during the current coronavirus pandemic. The office remains open for both well and sick visits at this time. The office flow has been modified to reduce the potential of exposure to anyone else's illness during a visit with us.

Our daytime telephone advice and after hours advice lines are still available to you. We can also arrange an online pediatric consultation with Dr. Murnane or Dr. Fennell in place of an office visit in certain instances. Online consults can be scheduled when appropriate through an initial contact with us by telephone.

Non-urgent or routine office visits can be deferred and rescheduled to a later date if desired.

We hope to continue assisting you in caring for your children as we all work together through this difficult time. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We will post links to updates and advice on the COVID-19 pandemic as they become available.


Due to uncertainty about the potential impact the Coronavirus outbreak may have on our ability to see patients in our office we are developing an option for video consults. We hope to have this available in the next week and that it will allow us to further address your concerns remotely if needed.

While telemedicine cannot fully substitute for an in-person office visit it will allow us another way to provide assistance to you beyond that available through speaking with our advice nurses.

Details for linking to this service will be posted on this website.

Video meetings with the pediatrician will be charged to you or your insurance company as a remote consultation being provided in place of a standard office visit.

We will continue to make every effort to answer your questions and assist you in caring for your children through the rapidly changing circumstances of the current outbreak.


With the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus in this country and around the world we are implementing some changes in our office routine. If you are concerned that your child is ill please call the office to discuss their symptoms with us before coming in. This will help us decide whether an office visit is needed or not. Many people are ill with the flu or other viruses that are unrelated to COVID-19. Some concerns may be addressed without an office visit.

The office routine for incoming patients is being changed to better separate children who are ill from those coming in for wellness visits. Masks will be made available to anyone who is coughing or febrile and there will be a division of exam rooms for sick and well visits. Our check-in and check-out routines will also be modified.

We will continue to adapt our office routines as needed and follow the evolving recommendations from the NC Health Department and the CDC.

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